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Wilson Fest
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Welcome to wilson_fest!
After a very long wait, it's that time again! Welcome to round 3!
Need some information? You can find it all here:
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created by elizabethswan_

Time for the if's, and's or but's...

1: What is the point of wilson_fest?
Wilson Fest is a celebration of all things Dr. James Wilson from the Fox medical drama House, M.D. We are here to post prompts, write fics, and celebrate all that is wonderful about our favorite Boy Wonder Oncologist.

2: And how might we be going about all of this Wilson worship?
It’s simple. Promise. First off you should make sure that you’ve joined this community. After that, hop on over to the Prompt Submission Post and throw all of those unused plot bunnies into the mix. (If you’re not going to use them someone else may as well get the opportunity.) After that, just sit back and have some macadamia nut pancakes until the prompt claim post goes up. Once it does, claim your bunny and get to some Wilson worshipping.

3: Hmmm…. Is there anything else that I should know?
Of course there is. You can find all of the specifics in the lovely link table above. (Points to the Wilson-y link table at the top of the page.)

4: What if, after going through all of the links, I STILL don’t have the answer I need?
If you’re still left with a question or two, pop on over to the Rule, Date and Submission Post and let us know there.

5: Haven’t I seen other House related fests around?
Why yes you have! All credit goes to our lovely co-fest-ers over at foreman_fest and cuddy_fest. Without them, there would be no wilson_fest. (And wouldn’t that be sad?)

6: Who do I have to thank for all of this wonderful Wilson-y festy-ness?
Well, there are two people who have been slaving away to make this community extra faaaaabulous for you. Those two people would be me, Goosey (keeper_of_stars) and the wonderful Quack (lieueitak).

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