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Round 3 Master Fic List

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Can you believe it? The second round of Wilson Fest has officially come to an end. Out off the 47 claims that were made, 29 were filled and that’s amazing. We, the mods, would like to thank all of you one last time for all of your support and dedication. This round of Wilson Fest would not have been a success without all of your hard work.

Below is the master fic list for round 3. All of your stories have been added to it along with your name, link, pairing/character and rating. Please, take a minute to look over the list and make sure that your entries are correct. It’s quite possible that there are some mistakes.

If you do find a mistake with your entry, let us know here with the number it is on the list and the problem.

Thanks again!

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[cryptictac] Wilson

The Yom Kippur Caper

Title: The Yom Kippur Caper
Author: srsly_yes
Pairing: House and Wilson, friendship
Rating: G
Word Count: 1450
Disclaimer: Just playing with my House and Wilson dolls.
A/N: Written for wilson_fest, prompt: 23. Wilson has a secret - he isn't Jewish after all. It was all a misunderstanding that he can't get out of anymore.
Summary: The one day of the year when House pays for Wilson’s food. Set in September 2010.

("Of course not. God forbid anybody finds out you're not an observant Jew, or any kind of Jew at all,” House mocked.")
joan and cbg

When Things Go Wrong

Title: When Things Go Wrong
Author: tobiahawk
Prompt: Wilson goes sailing (WilsonFest prompt 98)
Rating: PG/PG-13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): House/Wilson friendship (no slash intended)
Warnings: Brief, brief mention of suicidal ideation; small S6 spoilers
Disclaimer: Do not own House or any of the characters
Summary: Wilson copes, or fails to cope, through sailing

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(Mulan) Noodles


Title: Petals
Author: Squeeka Cuomo
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): James Wilson
Notes: Originally written for Round 3 of wilson_fest (Prompt: Wilson/Cuddy – Sunflowers). Also written for alphabetasoup (K is for Kind).
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: The blooms were huge, bursting with bright yellow petals that radiated out from large, black centers.


Beach Trip

Title: Beach Trip
Author: cindy_lou_who8
Prompt: 36 Wilson drags House to the beach
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): House/Wilson preslash/friendship
Word count: 550
Warnings: vague spoilers for season 6
Disclaimer: Obviously not mine, I can't even afford groceries
Beta: [info]arhh  <3
Summary:  House and Wilson go to the beach
House thinking hand on face
  • arhh


Title:  Comfort
Author:  arhh
Pairing:  Wilson
Rating:  G
Summary:  Done for wilson_fest .  Prompt #86:  Wilson visits a Synagogue after leaving House at Mayfield. 
Beta:  Thanks to cindy_lou_who8 .  Also- I am not Jewish and all my questions regarding Judaism that I didn’t know were directed towards her.  So, if there are any complaints regarding that aspect….  Just kidding.  If I messed something up, please let me know.

Decisions of Change

Title: Decisions of Change
Author: Alanwolfmoon
Prompt: 8. Wilson walks into his office and finds a six-year-old House with no memory of his adult years.
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): House+Wilson+Cuddy
Warnings: mentions of abuse
Disclaimer: Mine! All mine! uh, no, not mine.
Summary: Adult!House is stuck in 1965 and must find away to switch back with his child self. Meanwhile, Wilson and Cuddy get to babysit a six-year-old version of their friend. House also finds himself with the opportunity to change the course of his life.

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Matters of the Heart

Title: Matters of the Heart
Author: rivercrossing2
Prompt: #50: House learns that Wilson's mother is/was a battered wife.
Rating: PG13 (for delicate subject matter--see prompt.)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): House & Wilson Friendship, later pre-slash (my first!) 
Warnings: Post-Mayfield (Season 6 Premier.) 
Disclaimer: I'm weird, not crazy.
Summary: Wilson gets the one phone call that every mother's son dreads.

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Broken Arm

Title: Broken Arm

Prompt: #3 Wilson breaks his arm/leg/clavicle/etc. ...and House is the one who broke it.

Rating: R for language and references to sexual sitations

Character(s)/Pairing(s): House/Wilson friendship (pre-slash if you wear goggles), House/Cameron friendship, Chase/Cameron (alluded to)

Warnings: If you haven't seen any of season 6, then proceed with caution, and assumes this occurs at some point before Chase/Cam start assisting Foreman with diagnostics.

Word Count: 1044

Beta: my wonderful friend arhh 

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I don't even have a job.

Summary: for
 Wilson breaks his arm.